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Financial gurus lament the state of education, particularly because many schools lack basic personal finances programs. Author Cary Siegel seeks to mitigate this problem with his aptly titled book. "Why Didn't They Teach Me This in School?" was originally a list of lessons Siegel wrote for his kids when they entered adulthood. He wanted to write a book that was simple to read so anyone could understand it. Siegel uses 99 principles and condenses them into eight essential lessons about personal money management. While some of the lessons seem unorthodox, they are easy to remember and thought provoking. This book is an easily digestible read, offering vast amounts of practical advice.


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As the name implies, this book is about all of the basic personal finance lessons that they probably should’ve taught us in school and didn’t. There are 99 tips, tricks, and lessons for personal finance that pretty much everyone should know and reviewers have called it a “great gift idea for high school and college graduates.” We happen to agree.

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OK, I know what you're thinking. A money management book? No, thanks. I thought the same thing, but having to face monthly bills, student loans, and still wanting Starbucks on the regular forced me to get my money situation in order. Believe me, Cary Siegel knows what she's talking about, and turns money talk into an understandable and easy topic. It's perfect to have on hand during tax season and basically any time you have questions about the complicated world of finances.


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The lack of basic information taught in our public schools on the topic of money management (and life, in general) is a total embarrassment. The very place we’d expect to be taught these critical skills is the last place any of us ever learned how to get a handle on it. This book breaks down what we should’ve learned about managing our money growing up.


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So many college students will complain that they were underprepared for financial obligations after graduation—so give your freshman a leg up on his or her friends with this easy-to-understand financial guide to budgeting, debt, credit cards, taxes, and more.


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Here you'll find 99 personal money management tips that Cary lives by which allowed him to retire at age 45. Many are simply wise words of wisdom about life, investing, spending, and saving, but the fact that each tip is just about a page or 2 makes consuming the book easy. You won't find much about student loans, in the book, but you'll find other tips about debt management that you can share with your student loan borrowers. 


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