Cary has a unique, interactive and memorable style that completely engages participants in the material.  The result is participants leave presentations/meetings with actionable knowledge in personal money management they will carry with them throughout their life.


Cary is available for a number of different personal money management speaking engagements:


  - Corporate presentations (30-90 minute presentations)

  - "Lunch and learns" for new employees (30-90 minute presentations)

  - Seminars for high school students (1-3 hours)

  - Seminars for college students (1-3 hours)



Cary is available for individual personal money management training.  The training is customized to the individual participant and includes:


  - Reviewing your current budget

  - Developing an actionable written budget

  - Developing a personal system to analyze/track your budget on a monthly/annual basis

  - Full cost analysis of your expenses with recommendations for cost cutting/elimination

  - Thorough review of the principles of his book as they specifically pertain to you


Anything else you need except investment advice (Cary is not an investment adviser)

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