Financial gurus lament the state of education, particularly because many schools lack basic personal finances programs. Author Cary Siegel seeks to mitigate this problem with his aptly titled book. "Why Didn't They Teach Me This in School?" was originally a list of lessons Siegel wrote for his kids when they entered adulthood. He wanted to write a book that was simple to read so anyone could understand it. Siegel uses 99 principles and condenses them into eight essential lessons about personal money management. While some of the lessons seem unorthodox, they are easy to remember and thought provoking. This book is an easily digestible read, offering vast amounts of practical advice. - eBay | Top 5 books to help keep you financially responsible

This book features eight important lessons focusing on 99 principles that will quickly and memorably enhance any individual's money management acumen. I like this book because it’s easy to understand and the principles are ready to use. - Forbes | The best personal finance books for all ages

As the name implies, this book is about all of the basic personal finance lessons that they probably should’ve taught us in school and didn’t. There are 99 tips, tricks, and lessons for personal finance that pretty much everyone should know and reviewers have called it a “great gift idea for high school and college graduates.” We happen to agree. Life Hack | 10 personal finance books you have to read

OK, I know what you're thinking. A money management book? No, thanks. I thought the same thing, but having to face monthly bills, student loans, and still wanting Starbucks on the regular forced me to get my money situation in order. Believe me, Cary Siegel knows what she's talking about, and turns money talk into an understandable and easy topic. It's perfect to have on hand during tax season and basically any time you have questions about the complicated world of finances.Bustle | Top 6 books on how to be an adult

The lack of basic information taught in our public schools on the topic of money management (and life, in general) is a total embarrassment. The very place we’d expect to be taught these critical skills is the last place any of us ever learned how to get a handle on it. This book breaks down what we should’ve learned about managing our money growing up. Elite Daily | 16 money books every millennial needs to read

So many college students will complain that they were underprepared for financial obligations after graduation—so give your freshman a leg up on his or her friends with this easy-to-understand financial guide to budgeting, debt, credit cards, taxes, and more. Real Simple | Top 10 books every college freshman needs to read

I'll keep it short and rather simple: Buy this book. It is well worth its price considering how much it can potentially save you over the span of your life. I'm a current college freshman and I found the principles in this book to be principles to live by. Mr. Siegel writes in a cohesive, concise manner and expertly dispenses all the information you need to manage your own personal finances in a highly digestible fashion. I will definitely be re-reading this upon graduation and hopefully I can implement most of these 99 principles in my everyday life. I highly recommend this book to all (teens and parents alike).

As an adult, a parent, and an educator, I strongly recommend this book. The book is exceptionally well-organized, making it ideal for both a high school audience and an adult who needs to learn quickly while the kids are asleep. I am most impressed with the lengthy table of contents, organized by money-management principles. Each of these principles offers a wealth of information about how to conceptualize your financial life, as well as practical advice for saving, spending, and building wealth. The book has offered me an awakening regarding several aspects of my financial life...and I feel empowered to use the advice for the benefit of my family. Thanks Cary Siegel. Readers--you will gain information from this text that, if incorporated into your life, will really help you.

This book helped me understand simple concepts I avoided for years. It is great at any age. It definitely helped me get my personal finance in order or at least understand the errors I kept making over time. It has changed my perspective from someone who always felt unable to control my issues to someone who is actively taking charge and growing.

This book very simply explains how to navigate through life in financial terms. We are a family who has practiced many of the author's principles, and are excited to pass copies to our college aged son & daughter as well as to a good many of their friends. It is a quick & easy read and we highly recommend this book and believe readers of any age would enjoy it too.

This book is not only great for those entering adulthood, but is ideal for anyone who is looking for a crash course in money management. Cary has a true gift for explaining financial matters and making complicated topics very simple and easy to understand. Buy this book, you won’t regret it!

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